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Micihigan Civil Rights Attorney

The United States Constitution and the Elliot-Larson Civil Rights Act (the "Act") guarantees that No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws; nor shall any person be denied the enjoyment of his civil or political rights or be discriminated against in the exercise thereof because of religion, race, color or national origin. The opportunity to obtain employment, housing and other real estate, and the full and equal utilization of public accommodations, public service, and educational facilities without discrimination because of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, or marital status as prohibited by this Act is recognized and declared to be a civil right. There are specific procedural requirements for any action that alleges a violation of civil rights and a knowledgeable attorney will best serve your interet to avoid losing certain rights and privileges associated with the process. Most civil rights cases involve public figures such as police officers abusing their discretion and being denied a job or terminated from a job in the employment context. There are numerous ways to make a good case for a civil rights violation and the appropriate steps to take. Most civil rights violations require that you exhaust your administrative remedies. This means that you have to file a complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights and allow for them to conduct and investigation and try to resolve the matter prior to litigation. Retain an attorney who will fight to uphold your rights